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tv   [untitled]    February 2, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm PST

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to order... noe. commissioner lee. >> here. >> commissioner joseph. >> here. >> commissioner hyde. >> here. >> p*e. rez. >> here. >> i am told for the record that commissioner akers is present. >> we have a quorum. bryant tan is excused this evening. >> okay. okay, first item to the agenda is public comment, the members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are under the subject matter
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if you want to talk, this is the time that you could do that. >> thank you, commissioners, my name is mark and tonight, i would like to discuss, something that is coming up in march that i think effects the industry and is going to be a really good, i think, boost to our industry. it is the 90s awards, the castro theater on march fourth. which is an award show, creating to celebrate the night life industry. and about 20 years ago, bam music magazine, hold an award show down at the civic which was a great party, unfortunately bam magazine went out of business, the music awards stop. but i think, this is a good way to recognize there is some excellent programming and creativity in our industry, this will create, i think, that
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this will help encourage that creativity and excellence and you can vote for, there is a number of things that the people can vote for that are on-line and the voting is going and being held by seven by seven magazine until the end of the month. so i would request that you go on to 90s and check it out. thanks. >> thank you. >> somebody is here >> hi, and you have five minutes here, but, hi, my mame is michael nolty, executive director of district six and i am just curious out of procedure wise if i could take something off the content dal calendar, i would like to take 60 off the content calendar. >> thank you. >> i didn't follow that.
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>> i would like to take 6 d on the consent calendar, which is 55 taylor off. >> and to be heard, as a hearing item instead of consent. >> we give the same... >> we give the same, we let people get up and talk on the consent. you will be able to talk about it. >> okay. >> i am also here about taylor so i will be able to speak? >> right. right. >> exactly. >> thanks. >> okay. all right. so, item number two, review and improve the minutes of october 2 is that right? or 16th? >> second. >> second. >> yeah. >> i move to approve. >> second? >> second. >> commissioner lee? >> aye. >> joseph. >> aye. >> hyde.
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>> aye. >> perez. >> aye. >> akers. >> aye. >> item number three, a report from the executive director. good evening, commissioners it has been a long time since i have seen you all. and i will update you on a few things, hopefully you found my report in your binder, the first is that i apologize that the header still says acting executive director and you get my panel right. i wanted to update the commission on the piece of legislation that is... is everything okay? >> okay. that was introduced last, at the end of last year. by supervisor chu, that i spoken on regarding the polk street, restricted alcohol use district. as requested by the commission, staft has asked the supervisor's office to attend
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an upcoming meeting to discuss the proposed legislation and the impacts on the businesses and development of new business in the area and in addition to the small business commission is schedule to hear the item as well in the next month. we don't have, and you did get actually committee assignments were made today by the board of supervisors but we have not received information on when it will be schedule for the committee meeting which will be at land use. so, as soon as there is a schedule of some sort, we will be able to bring someone from the supervisor to talk about this legislation with you. i also wanted to let the commission know that we, have begun the development of a best practices manual for venues for nighttime venues of all size. we began this because it is
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something that we have talked about for a long time and we have seen good examples from new york and chicago and we have gained a lot of practical experience and we feel like it is time to put something in writing and we think that it will take a while but we really want to put something together that will last over time. >> we are sort of on version two at the moment, just internally and we expect to bring the police department into this process very early on, because idealy, we will be bringing this with them in partnership to the commission for approval. and then, be able to present it at the next night life summit which we have not schedule and obviously will happen in 2013. and we are also going to incorporate some of the best parts of the research that was done in the last year or the year before by dave and commander crenchaw and so look forward to that because that is something that we can work on
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and be proud of. the fourth motion that i have been talking about since october is still pursuing the hiring of this person. we are going through the long and process and we are hopeful to have an announcement to be able to post in the next few weeks and without going into further detail. i am not forgetting about it we are working very hard on that. i wanted to let the commission know that we processed 15 one-time, permits of different types on new year's eve this year. over the years, it has been, you know, discussed around how many extra permits come up on new year's eve. it is a difficult evening for the police department and for our staff. and there is a lot of activity going on, and going to tell you more about how it went and i wanted to report to you that 15
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were processed by the staff and only three of those were for hours passed 2 a.m.. so, i think that is less than in previous years. and when you hear from vag i think that you will see that it did not cause any inconvenience, the evening was reported as calm and i think that you will hear that the business is down actually a bit. there were a lot of parties going on. we were requested by the small business commission to report to them about the, i guess, how the limited life performance permits are going. and so on january 28th, nicholas is going to present, i guess basically the status eventually. the small business commission is requested because they were instrumental in development and passage of the legislation creating that new permit. and i think that they want to know how many that we have
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issued and how they are going and so that will happen and we will bring you that information as well. next, i wanted to let the commission know, some of you may have noticed that we have had over the past few meetings members of the civil grand jury here in the audience and they did reach out to the staff last in the year in an effort to basically update the previous reports that have been done in the entertainment commission since its inception. so i met with a few members of the civil grand jury in december. and i am aware that there have been other meetings with other departments including the police department regarding again, follow up items relative to what they, you know, looked at in previous years. i did not see the out come of these meetings yet and there may be requests coming through me to meet with some of the commission. so, we will individually let you know if and when and then,
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in theory, someone in writing i think will be published. so hopefully we are cooperating as quickly as we can. and lastly i took my small staff to celebrate the holidays before the christmas break. they wined enough. and i hope that this will be begin a tradition for us in our office and the first annual holiday was held at trace restaurant and we all left very, very full and happy, right? so, that was or that will conclude my report and we don't have any corrective actions to report to the commission at this point. do we? >> okay. maybe he will take care of that, then. >> you are on a different item. vag. >> we are separated? . >> okay, well that concludes mine. >> is there any public comment
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on the report from the executive director? >> okay. seeing none we will go to item number four, report from the sound technician, vaj? >> thank you, sir. >> commissioners, really briefly, you will see the reports just the lists that obviously the commission has not met for a while but it is longer than normal. and i know that officer methaison is here and so he will give the highlights that happened in central for the last few weeks and i will spend the time talking about new year's eve. so new year's eve this year was interesting in that we did have large crowds on the streets and in parts of the city. yet a lot of the large events and special events at hotels were at half capacity or slightly above half capacity. so which is unique, this is or has not happened in quite a long time to be quite honest. one, particular hotel, generally pulled in around 16
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to 1800 people and only pulls in about 800 people. other hotels pulls in, you know, 1,000 only pulled in 400. whether it was the weather, or the economy or what have you, we definitely saw the decrease in payed venues and their crowds. the crowd out on the street was as big as it has been in the past years and perhaps even slightly bigger, but definitely the industry suffered slightly this year. i, again, whether it be weather or the economy and i am not sure. over all, new year's eve went over well and we did not have any major incidents and minor incidents here and there and some violence, but again, nothing that we have seen in the past years, so that is the very good news. i worked that evening with both members of sfpd and hitting a lot of different venue and we were able to cover a lot of the city that night. so having said that, over all,
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just beyond new year's eve, our holidays in particular were pretty quiet as far as the industry goes. businesses were opened, but, we were not seeing some of the crowds that we see in the past years. hold on. then i was wrong there were no corrective actions we. have been investigating a few things, the mile cafe, a crepe store and kt and those are kind of the big ones that we are looking into right now that you will see on the top of the list. again most of the issues that we are dealing with is violations of the good neighbor policy or operating without a permit. but, again from comparatively to last year, what we are looking into now is much, it is very minor compared to what we have seen in the past and the industry, over all i think that we can really say that we have seen a vast improvement in over
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all operations by most venues. so that is a very positive thing. and i will know that we have a busy night oi will keep it short, thank you. >> any questions? for vaj? >> i just do. >> kt. so i think that you should call them in and talk to them. because i just felt, i was out with you the other night and i just felt on the street they didn't get it. kt is from the other night from what was observed there. we did site kts. >> you did? >> yes. so they did receive a citation and i have been talking with the director cain and so there is a short list of certain venues that we are kind of lining up to talk to. >> great. and then the other thing, on item number six in your report, on christmas, jack in the box and battery of serious injuries, do you have any information on that?
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>> serious injuries? >> that particular incident, if i remember correctly, actually happened outside of jack in the box. and the victims were then contacted inside the jack in the box because that was the reporting address. >> okay, thank you. >> did you say that the redwood room, at the hotel. >> that is correct. >> what is the problem there? this is the place that refused to serve ted kennedy because his hair was too long. >> since then times have changed. >> i guess so. >> and i am behind the curve on that one. i will talk to you about it later then. >> okay no more questions from the commissioners, any public on comment on the report of the sound technician? >> okay. item number five, police department's comments and questions. anybody from the station want to review anything? just save it for your specific
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items? >> good evening, central station and i will keep it brief i know that we have a lot of activity on the agenda for today. new year's eve went pretty well and it was buzz busy in the district. we had two shootings and a stabbing but the clubs were relatively safe. i went around, vaj as well as the officer from the southern station and i was impressed at how the clubs were handling the crowds. i have been working with vaj which is 561 geary street and we have been getting noise xlaents and so we are trying to narrow it down and it is regarding swig and jones and i have asked vaj to do the sound checks with the neighbors and
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so the neighbors were appreciative that that was something that we could do so we are dealing with that. >> as far as it has been relatively calm in the clubs lately. i am going to go over three incidents over the last month because we have not had a commission hearing. vesel on december 16th. there was a fight between the staff at a club and the patron, and they were trying to get the drink away from them it led into a good fight and one of the things that the patron was saying that he did not know that the staff was part of security. and so i think that i am going to talk with them as far as sometimes when your staff or you just assume that everyone knows exactly who you are and i think that we all have to remember that you are going to patrons that have been drinking and maybe it is dark. and maybe doing name tags or something like that could avoid some confusion. another incident was at the
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parlor at 1:30 in the morning, nine people tried to get in and they were intoxicated and could not come in. and they started to threaten the guards there and so the guards did exactly what they were supposed to do. they called the police and i believe at least one of the personswise arrested for the terrorist threats. these are the things that xwh wh* we talk about the clubs calling and yous worry that it will cost against us, no, i would like to come up here and talk about the good things as well as the bad things to give you a full view what is going on at least in our district. >> this is on december first. and the dj there, i guess was some sort of one of their events that the dj had a loaded weapon. and i think that it is for his own protection and ended up being arrested. he put his jacket with
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everybody else's jacket and someone else picked it up and found a gun and they called the police and the dj was arrested. >> questions or comments? >> no questions. all right, and that is it. any public comment? >> welcome. >> good evening, everyone. i just wanted to stop by tonight and i am captain mike red man at southern station and i am the new captain and so i look forward to working with everybody in the next couple of years. officer chan has been working on an issue that we will discuss later but just some of the things that we appreciate your help in working with inspector vancall on the issues throughout southern and we will be working with the clubs and with vaj and so i look forward to that and we have already had helps with the commission and issues that have come up in the
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southern district and we have had meetings with these clubs and venues and put stimulations on them that have come from you and the police department and so i appreciate your help and i will leave a card for everyone, so whatever you need from southern, or you will have our full support and i look forward to working with you in the next couple of years. thank you. >> welcome. >> okay, any public comment on the police department's questions and comments? >> none. we will go to item number six. go to six a, john duggan dba original joe's 601 union, limited live performance permit application. >> nick? >> are we doing the consent calendar? >> well if there is... is there anybody that wanted to address negatively any of the permits other than we have heard that
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we are going to discuss 55 tail lor. there are three. first of all, there is no address for dirty tricks saloon, i want to make sure that is not in richmond, if they wanted us to hold off on that. >> i have some questions for the... >> so we will take, for now we will take item 6 b off the calendar. and we will go forward with item 6 a and 6 c. 6 c being todd brown, red poppy art hours, 2698 folsom limited live performance application. is there anybody here to object to those? >> yeah. please come forward. >> okay.
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>> speak into the center microphone and pull it down. >> before we start, in the content calendar, i hear that you are taking out 6 b. and 6 d. >> and 6 a and c, are they also remaining on the calendar? >> i want to find out. this is the only woman that wants to speak against the remaining items i need to know what items, which item are you here to speak on? >> okay, the red pot. so, let's have a motion to approve 6 a if they can, or any questions or comments? >> since there is nobody here objecting to it? >> a motion? >> i move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner akers. >> aye. >> perez. >> aye. >> hyde. >> aye. joseph. >> aye. >> lee. >> aye.
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>> newlin. >> aye. >> 6 a has been approved, limited joe's has been approved. item 6 c, todd brown, dba red poppy art house do you want to give us background on that? >> c. >> 6 c. >> hold off doing a consent calendar? >> members of the public. >> so 6 c. the red poppy art house is a multiuse face on folsom between 23rd and 24th street in the mission and it is 650 square foot space used for workshops and gathering performance art and displays of art and this will allow them to host live performances of various sorts. and no, communications expressing concern for the intended use of the permit. >> so, for all of the
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applicants, please come up and enter a brief description of what you plan to do with your permit. >> since this is here, let's... >> you are the boss. >> okay. >> just for expedient >> my name is maria and i live on top of the building of the poppy and this is not commercial and no business on there only on 24 and mission. and this is a art house, the music is very loud. there is smoking and drinking outside, all of the smoke goes up to my apartment. they stay late, driveninging and they make parties tuesday, friday, and saturdays and sundays. >> and this place is not for that kind of music. >> how late do they go? >> how late are the parties? >> sometimes they go 1:00,
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12:00. i have been calling the police. and calling the owners too. he said call the police, call the police. >> all right. >> yes. >> all right. and there is another neighbor the one that live in the back up in the apartment in the back too. if they remove the sign the people for two weeks they wasn't noise and they would not move it that is why the neighbor they don't come. around 3:00... >> okay. and we will hear from the application and the applicants now and if you do have sound issues in the future, call this young man right there and he will get right on it. >> okay. >> okay. all right. so do we have the applicants for the red poppy art house
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here? >> hi, my name is todd brown. and i'm the founder and artistic director of the red poppy art house of san francisco. and thank you for having us here and to consider our application. the red poppy art house say non-profit organization, sponsored by the session for the arts. this year we complete our ten-year anniversary, our mission is to serve as a hub for artists with the cultural backgrounds and disciplines. we offer free activities for local families every saturday afternoon. our performance program features an international array of music, film and dance and theater. and we like to think of the red poppy art house as a place of in between, a point of intersection between the communities that share the geography of the district. >> we were made aware that we need a permit to continue our programming. our programming is absolutely critical to the sustainability to the organization. for its revenue that we pay our
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rent. it is also how we contribute to the livelihood of local artists, 70 percent of the admissions goes into the hands of our participating artists while 30 percent goes to our landlord. we also partner with larger institutions such as the museum and the center for the arts. our goal is to serve as a bridge between local communities and the larger organizations that serve our city. the red poppy art house is supported by the san francisco foundation for the hewitt foundation for grants to the arts and through their support we pay basic stipens to the core staff who work to orchestrate the crafty volunteers that help to make all of this programming possible. >> work is not without challenge and conflicts and we have struggles with noise as being an issue. with one of our neighbors who is here tonight. and we see this hearing as a catalyst to help us move towards a better arrangement
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with her. the red poppy art has come to be identified with the residential community that surrounds it, it is important to us that we remain visible as a beacon as cross culture exchange of activity and as an example of the transformative power that can be born in small and intimate spaces, i thank you for your consideration. >> okay. do we have questions from the commission? >> i do. >> so, i have been to the red poppy art house a number of times to see artists. it is a very cool space. very cool. and i recognize that what your community involvement is, and i think that you are an important venue. i really do. in taking your neighbor into consideration, have you guys thought of somehow sound proofing your ceiling? >> we have thought of that many, many times. considered the possibility and when i say that this process i feel is a catalyst, it is
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something that we really have to do and in the past, i think that the issue has just simply been the cost from what i understand. the last thing that we want to do is to do a sound proofing job that does not work. because we have very little resources and to do it well to do it professionally is expensive. because our space is very much about the community and it is a state of intent, it is a contradiction for us to be in conflict with our neighbors, so i really respect her issues, the sound. and i feel like we really do need to resolve that. >> so the time that i was there, there was a guitar player and her amplification was minimal and i do not think from my perspective and i know sound pretty well that could have been too disturbing. the limited life only goes to ten you would not


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